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Making connections in Fenland

The Healthy Fenland Team work hard to stay well connected with our communities. We spend a great deal of time getting to know what is happening by engaging with members of the public and established community groups. Early in the project we realised there was a lot of duplication between organisations trying to deliver community activities in Fenland, especially where they received statutory funding. To try to reduce this and make sure that our projects were really meeting the communities needs we established The Community Development Workers Get-togethers.

Three times a year we host a meeting for anyone working with the community in Fenland to meet and share what they are doing. Most professionals struggle to make time for yet another meeting but everyone needs to eat so we hold the sessions at lunch time. We provide the venue, a few nibbles and tea & coffee and suggest people bring and eat their own lunch.

We start each meeting by inviting one of the members to tell us about a new project or scheme for about 15 minutes and then it is all about networking. We expect by the end of the event that everyone will have talked to everyone else in the room.

This meeting has led to some really good collaborative work such as the International Food Event, more referrals to the Benefits Support Scheme at the Rosmini Centre and input into the public consultation on the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough – New Lifestyle Service.

This meeting has really helped establish the Healthy Fenland Team as a major player within the local community development family. Whenever we meet a new professional or come across a new scheme or initiative we invite them to the next meeting.

 The speaker at the next meeting will be Nikki Dekker Warm Homes Project Officer working for PECT.

Julie Jeffryes

Would You Like To Support Funding To Come Into Fenland?

Groups who received grants from the Healthy Fenland Project (HFP) told us last year that they felt it would be more appropriate for the assessment panel to be comprised of local residents.

We have set-up this new funding panel and are now ready to go but we need local people to be part of the assessment panel.

If you are a Fenland resident that has benefited from HFP Funding, or your community group has evolved thanks to HFP funding and you could join us for 2 hours a month to review the applications then we would love your help.

Please contact  Julie Jeffryes HFP Project Manager to ask for more details or get involved.

Healthy Fenland Funding

Our Healthy Fenland Team offers advice, support and some funding for community groups in Fenland that delivers a activity to help local people improve their health and well-being.

We can help anyone who has an idea for a group to develop this by giving practical support and advice on the procedures associated with running a successful group. Our aim is to help you achieve a sustainable activity.

Healthy Fenland has a small funding pot with three funding levels available.

The first is a Small Grant Fund of up to £500 to allow new groups to meet start-up costs.  The funding application is very straight forward and allows groups to get started and have a go!
There are two further levels of funding, up to £1500.00 for groups that may need to look at more expensive equipment or materials such as an Art or Sports based group.

Then there is funding of up to £5000.00 for groups who may have more expensive requirements such as a Shed Group (needing a shed)or more technical equipment like laptops, musical instruments or larger sports equipment.

Both of the higher grant funds are managed for us by Cambridgeshire Community Foundation and the application process is more vigorous, although the Healthy Fenland Team support groups through all of these processes.

Groups can be for any purpose from a group supporting families in the Migrant Community to an exercise group for people over 50.