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Our services have been developed to empower people with the care and support they need to live independent lives in their own homes and make the most of interactions with their local communities.

Help at Home

Our Help at Home service provides you with practical support enabling you to get home quicker after a stay in hospital or to stay at home in situations where you would otherwise be struggling to maintain your independence. Although we do not provide any form of personal care package, our staff members and volunteers will be able to help you with practical support such as making sure you have food at home upon an arrival back from hospital and being there to settle you back into your home. Additionally, we are able to undertake light housework or gardening requests, collect prescriptions and provide emotional support; coming by to have a chat and for you to know you are not alone.

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Community Information and Advice

Through our Community Navigator services, we are able to provide you with information and guidance, as well as signposting you to other organisations who can help you. We are able to help you access services and local activities that are useful or enjoyable. Whatever, your question, our staff and volunteers are trained, resourced and capable of finding the information you need to access the appropriate services.

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Community Development

Our Community Development team is here to work alongside local people to start initiatives that will plug gaps and meet the needs of local communities. Our team empowers people and provides the support they need to take action. Involvement from us is entirely dependent on how much support you require to develop and set up your idea of a community group or activity. We help groups to become independent, with Care Network available in the background should you need us.

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