We support people to do the extraordinary everyday.

We are here to provide information and guidance, practical support to help people stay at home and to connect with or support their local community. Over the years, we have evolved from primarily supporting older people to anyone over the age of 18 years.

Registered charity  number  1120693.  Registered company number 6297277

Our proud history

Over 30 years ago a local vicar’s wife in South Cambridgeshire, set up Care Network as a response to the lack of support for people after a hospital stay. We are a registered Charity and governed by a Board of Trustees.
Our charity operates across the county of Cambridgeshire, including Peterborough.
The passion and commitment of our team, combined with an army of dedicated local volunteers, means that we are truly embedded within communities across the districts of the county. We will always continue to work in this manner as it has repeatedly proven to be the most effective way to help and support local people. We are aware that for many, a lot of uncertainty lies around the future of access to health and social care services and we are committed to try and fill these gaps, supporting our service users along every step of their own personal journeys.

The volunteer was very good. I just needed someone to be there as I lost all my confidence. It was fantastic to know that there was someone there just in case I had a wobble moment and I lost it. My confidence just went but I have it back, which is great. It was great to know that someone would support me and I know that I can call again if I need some help. I don't like bothering others. Everyone is busy and had their own problems, so its's great to know that you are there. It was just what I asked for.

Without the volunteer who visited me I think I would have just sat here and I was ready to give up really as I missed my wife so much. Thank you again for the lovely service you provide. I don't like to go out, so it was nice to talk to someone.

It's nice to know that someone can help: just fill in those gaps if needed. Everyone is so busy these days. I got just what I asked for and more. It was great and I think I'm doing as well as can be.

The volunteer is very good and it's not just shopping. It's the company, as there is no one here apart from me. I wouldn't have any food without you. It's nice to know someone is coming to see you.

The volunteer was a big help: not just with me, she helped my husband who is 83. It gave my him a break from the four walls.

The Volunteer took my little dog for a walk and stayed and had a chat. Lovely man, very helpful!

It’s been fantastic and I’m so grateful for your help. This has been lovely also to have a little chat and I feel calmer as I was feeling rather shaken from my vertigo.

The volunteer was lovely. I like to have a chat and now I don't see anyone and feel so down…As I don’t feel well enough to go anywhere it was nice to know I was getting a visitor, it gave me something to look forward to…It was nice to look forward to seeing someone.

Yes, the volunteer sat and had a chat with me and on the 3rd visit she took me to the hairdresser, which was a laugh. It was nice when you know someone is coming to see you

Such a lovely service. The volunteer was lovely and so were you all. I loved the chats and the fact a member of staff came back to help the next day as I couldn't have a volunteer straight away. That was so lovely…. I have had such a bad time and my family were away. I would have been very down and lonely. It's difficult to be positive all the time.

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