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Help at Home – May Update

Our committed team of volunteers continue to offer services such as shopping, befriending, helping to build confidence and supporting people to regain independence and further to support more people where there are more complex social situations involved and where we have worked closely with health and social care professionals to help return people to their level of independence at home.

Over the past year we have received over 2000 referrals with a large number of those going on to receive volunteer support.

Our flexible approach to volunteering has recently seen a flurry of interested people wanting to support local communities and as a result we will be running another volunteers training session in July.  Well-being training is available to all our volunteers.

With support from our amazing team of volunteers, our service continues to help people to be confident and independent again.

Would you like to volunteer with the Help at Home team? Please see our Volunteers page for more details or contact us directly.