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Community Car Schemes – May Update – Care Network Cambridgeshire

This year Sue Beel, Sarah Bellow and Mirella Teague are undertaking an evidence based research project to identify sustainability threats and support needs for community car schemes (CCSs) to ensure those who depend on them can continue to access this vital transport service. Many CCSs were established over thirty years ago, by village residents who wanted to provide lifts, to get to social events and the local GP, for example, to others living in their community.

Over the last few years, the annual survey completed by the CCSs has recorded an increase in demand in general, along with more requests for hospital journeys sometimes at the detriment of social journeys. By undertaking the research, we have the opportunity to evidence the service provided and over the next two years, we can put measures in place to ensure the continuation and sustainability of their valuable work. We will also be sharing our findings with Community Care Schemes to support them in fundraising activities, campaigning messages for recognition from District and County Council’s as well as developing further umbrella support from Care Network.

We have just sent out a questionnaire that we are asking coordinators to respond to, the data from this will be used to design the interview schedule for the forthcoming focus groups that we would like to arrange. If you have any questions please contact Sarah Bellow directly.