Project Catalyst is a new Care Network project, covering Cambridgeshire and
Peterborough with the aim of helping improve the confidence and resilience of
people and communities emerging from lockdown.

We can support people who may have been shielding or who may be anxious

about getting back out and about in their community, helping to boost their

confidence and independence. Our volunteers can accompany individuals to

go out for a walk, take their first trip to the local shops, get back to a group or

social activity or to take their first steps in attending a group.

This short-term intervention aims to build good supportive relationships in

communities, so that people are encouraged to do more social activities

independently moving forward.

We can also support the wonderful work our local communities have been

doing in recent months by encouraging any small group formed through

lockdown or as a result of re-emerging, to help sustain activities and support the

wellbeing of local people.

If you have a small community led group that was established pre-lockdown,

but find you are struggling to re-emerge back out into this changed world, we

can support through guidance, support with governance, finding venues or

helping with promotion.

For both new and existing groups, we have a small pot of funding that may

assist with initial costs such as PPE, insurance or publicity.

For more information, please contact us on: Tel

0330 094 5750

For more information please contact: