We support people to do the extraordinary everyday.

Care Network is a caring and flexible employer. All staff work flexitime so they can fit other commitments around their work.

There is a fortnightly newsletter to keep staff informed about what is happening across the organisation and three times a year all staff meet together, in addition to regular team meetings. We are committed to the wellbeing of our staff and as well as providing everyone with training in wellbeing, we offer an Employee Assistance Plan with 24/7 professional support available to all.

At our Christmas 2017 all staff meeting, our team members commented on how they feel valued, had mutual trust with their line manager, liked having a common aim and being able to share knowledge and time with colleagues. They also commented on how nice it was that people take the time to make each other a cup of tea and stop, occasionally, for a chat.

In addition to paid employment with Care Network we deliver many of our services through our dedicated and well-trained team of volunteers. For more information about volunteering click here or contact our Volunteer Manager at volunteering@care-network.org.uk


...having been employed within the statutory, independent and voluntary sector and being a relative outsider, it appears to me that Care Network is going the extra mile in ensuring that their employees and volunteers wellbeing is paramount, which is extremely rare nowadays and should be commended. Staff feel valued, trusted and supported and although some comments (in a recent staff survey) appear slightly negative, Care Network have taken these on board in a constructive manner, actively seeking to improve things further. Amazing!! I’ve been here 6 weeks I think? And I still have to pinch myself some days, just to check I am not imagining the care, concern and friendliness from everyone.