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Meet our Trustees – Peter

I work internationally but have always lived in Cambridgeshire as have multiple generations of my family.  I live in Caldecote with my wife and two teenage sons.

My background is product management and business strategy in the information technology, telecommunications, television and Internet markets.  I work for Nokia’s IP and Optical networks business.  We design and build multi-terabit network equipment that powers the internet. The “bits” that made up the page you are reading now probably traversed some of Nokia’s equipment as the largest provider in Europe for Carrier Routers and Metro Optical networks.

In previous roles I have worked on video delivery systems and applications for delivering TV services into people’s homes all over the world, helping Nokia and predecessors win two Emmys.

I have worked on and with a number of business leadership teams from small startups to multi-national telecom companies, preparing materials and data for board and share holder meetings. I bring vast experience from a technology background which is supplementary to the healthcare and business backgrounds of our other board members.

In my spare time I enjoy road cycling, I’m not quite a middle age man in lycra, but I’m probably not far away. I also enjoy cooking with a sous vide and smoker.


Meet Our New Trustee Margaret

I’ve always lived in Cambridgeshire, training as an SRN at Old Addenbrooke’s Hospital, and worked as a staff nurse and sister at the new Addenbrooke’s and Papworth.

I married in 1965 and gave up nursing when my elder daughter was born, But I became a carer with three small children.  Once the children were all at school,   I completed my District Nurse and practical work training.

I was a District Nursing Sister in Cambridge when Care Network started, and with all the changes in health and social care since then I realise how important Care Network is in providing volunteers to help older, isolated and vulnerable people maintain their independence.  Thus I hope that my experience may be valuable to Care Network Cambridgeshire as a Trustee

In 1990 I left district Nursing, obtained teaching qualifications and became the Tutor for NVQ Care Programmes based at Cambridge Regional College but working for Cambridge Health Authority.

I was a Trustee of Carers Trust from 1998 to 2014, chairman for the last 3 years.  I have looked after my own parents, my in-laws and neighbours.  Today I am a Carer Ambassador for Carers Trust, volunteer as a flower arranger and Dementia Champion at Arthur Rank House.

I am an active member of the community. I go to the gym and play tennis and am a member of a local Church & the WI. I am pleased to be a trustee of Care Network Cambridgeshire and look forward to seeing what the future brings.