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Sharing our knowledge

Last October we were invited to attend meetings at Cambridge Job Centre (which covers the city, South Cambs and some of East Cambs and Fenland) with staff from the job centre, local authorities, the foodbank, housing associations and other local authorities.   We have attended these each month and they provide a useful chance to network and share information.  The meetings aim to support the clients the job centre judges to be most vulnerable,  they are very informal – general or specific queries are welcome and we all have an input and normal learn something new every meeting.

One thing I discovered was that the Cambridge Citizens Advice Bureaux are running a Help to Claim Scheme, to assist people with their Universal Credit applications, personal budgeting, debt assistance, food bank applications etc. this was funded via the DWP initially and now receives City Council and CAB funding.  This support can be accessed via:

  • CAB at Devonshire Road appointment service
  • Thursdays 1pm-4pm drop in at job centre in Cambridge
  • 0800 328 52644 free phone number
  • CAB website chat on line:


If you have any specific queries and/or general questions please contact Jigna on do not hesitate to contact Mirella and I and we will try to discuss the case at the next meeting which will hopefully provide some support and maybe even some answers.

Jigna Vyas Gosal