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Open Arms

The Open arms project continues to listen to communities who want to take action to tackle loneliness across Peterborough and Cambridgeshire. It is encouraging to see small things can make a big difference to people’s lives. This was demonstrated to me recently whilst on a visit to a local care home in Fenland. Some young mums had got together and decided to take their children to visit a local care home. To see the eyes of one of the residents who struggles to communicate light up at the sight of a child playing with their toys is special. It is a welcome reminder of the power of human connection. It is these moments that make it all worth it.


As we move into Winter, Open Arms is looking forward to working with the Princes Trust and the volunteer Police cadets in residential care settings in both the North and the South of the county. We are a sharing our message that small moments of connection are vital in tackling loneliness across the county during the re launch of the 50,000 reasons campaign.  We are looking forward to continuing to develop small partnerships with those who want to take action in their community. We have been looking for opportunities to bring some Christmas cheer and reaching out to those who are less well connected. If everyone plays a part by taking small actions, the result is that communities come together stronger.