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Community Funding for South Cambridgeshire

South Cambs District Council Community Chest has increased it fund to £49,000 and the criteria has widened to allow more groups to bid. Changes to the eligibility criteria of the Community Chest fund  will give more Parish Councils in South Cambridgeshire a chance to bid for funding to support their community projects – while at the same time the total funding, available to March, will increase to £49,070.


The Community Chest fund supports Parish Councils and other local groups in their efforts to promote active and healthy lifestyles, build inclusive communities, and enhance the natural environment – and groups can bid for up to £1,000 from the fund towards these projects.


Each year, the fund is split in half so that groups applying later in the year will still have an opportunity to bid before the funding has all been allocated. Applications for the second half of the pot are now being taken. Bids will be reviewed on a monthly basis until March, or until the year’s allocated funds have all been awarded.


Please contact  or  if you would like more information


More information about the new eligibility criteria can be found on SCDC website