Threatened with eviction

2nd April 2015

Miss D has caring responsibilities for a relative who has learning disabilities.  She had received an eviction notice after finding herself in financial need and subsequently falling behind on her rent payments. Prior to contacting Community Navigators, she was depressed, frightened and at risk of losing her home. 


Miss D was referred to the Community Navigator service by a health professional who had recently learned of the Community Navigator project.  


The Community Navigator found information about Floating Support workers who could represent Miss D and liaise with the housing provider on her behalf.  As she had literacy difficulties, a Community Navigator was able to make a home-visit to support her to complete a referral form and delivered it the same day.  She was then visited by two floating support workers who helped her reach an agreement with her housing provider to an affordable amount of her debt in order that she could keep her home.


This was of great relief to Miss D who said she did not know where to turn. This has allowed her to stay in her home and maintain her independence through addressing her financial need.  Also, this has enabled her to continue her caring responsibilities for her relative.