Finding a way to a secure future

17th April 2015

Mr W has learning difficulties, is almost blind and lives with his 92 year old father.  After a stay in hospital he developed anxiety and no longer wanted to go out, nor wished to see any more medical or social service professionals.  They received hot meals and carers visited twice day.


Mr W’s sister was worried what would happen to him when their father died and realised that she did not understand the paperwork involved in taking responsibility for her brother legally.  She wanted to enable her brother to live as independently as possible but did not know how to set up power of attorney.   This would ensure that she could assist him and help him to cope with his finances and paperwork.


Community Navigators were able to contact the Learning Disabilities Team to find out the information needed and were able to help Mr W’s sister understand the process.  As well as connecting her with the Carers Trust, Mencap, the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and the Court of Protection, Care Network referred her to the Cambridgeshire Carers Support Team for time with specialist advisors.


Following these referrals Mr W is in a better position to live independently after the death of his father and with the help and support of his sister.