Feeling safe and the road to recovery

2nd April 2015

Mr S has always been very practical and independent.  However, he recently had to undergo an operation which temporarily took away his ability to look after himself.  He needed many weeks of rest and recuperation, and meant that he had to spend much more time alone in his house.


When Mr S first returned home from hospital a relative was able to stay with him for a short time. However when they left Mr S, for the first time in his life, felt a little bit vulnerable being in the home on his own.


He had been told about Care Network while he was staying in hospital, and though he found it difficult to ask for help, Mr S did get in touch with us to see what we could do. As a proud and independent person he did not want someone to come and visit him for company, but he did want to know that he was safe at home.


So, a member of the Community Navigator team put him in touch with the Cambridgeshire Bobby Scheme. They were able to send round a Security Advisor who fitted some door chains and checked the security of the window locks in the home. This reassured Mr S and enabled him to feel more secure while he recuperated at home.


He is now recovering well and is slowly getting back to doing some of the things he used to do and enjoy.