Care Network Cambridgeshire
Care Network Cambridgeshire

We help set up and sustain local groups


One of our passions is to work with local people to help set up new community groups, schemes and activities, promoting social interaction, independence and fun.  We help as much or as little as needed, giving ideas, structure and support to bring an idea to reality.


Once a group or scheme is up and running, we step back, but keep in touch via our newsletter and offer training courses and information.  We continue to offer specific advice and practical help as and when required.


If you would like to volunteer with a local group we can help you find something in your community and put you in touch with the local contact.


If there isn’t a group or scheme already, we can help you investigate the need and potential demand for one and then support you through the setting up process.


Community Car Schemes

These groups arrange lifts for local people where other transport isn’t available. Volunteers, using their own cars, offer door to door lifts to people, giving their time freely.  A scheme is often based on one or more villages, or round a GP surgery.  They are great: "More than just a lift!".   Read more...



Lunch Clubs

Lunches are a great way of bringing people together. They can help older and isolated people form valuable friendships in a safe and informal environment, with the added bonus of a good homemade meal.  We have helped with the setting up and on-going support of many such clubs across the county, including this one which is hosted by a volunteer in her own home. Read Case Study...

Friendship Clubs

Social groups and clubs are also popular and can be set up in a variety of ways to suit the groups, volunteers and needs of the community.  This one meets every week and also organises the occasional outing.  

Intergenerational Events

These events are a wonderful opportunity for the older and younger generations to spend precious time just enjoying each other’s company.  The organisation and hosting of several of these events have been supported by the Care Network Development Officers.

Singing Groups

Singing Groups are proving to be very popular and can join people of all abilities together to take pleasure in the social and mental wellbeing that singing can bring.  Care Network has helped to set up several of these groups, including dementia choirs, across our region.  Read Case Study...

Mobile Warden Schemes

We support a number of volunteer committees who run Mobile Warden Schemes in South Cambridgeshire. Employed wardens keep in daily touch with subscribing members, either by a brief phone call or by a visit. They give reassurance and peace of mind to members and relatives and may include some practical and emergency help. 

Good Neighbour Schemes and Networks

There are many ways that communities come together to support each other. Good Neighbour Schemes or Networks have been developed so that those who want to offer help to people in their community can do so, and so that people who are struggling for any reason know where to go for help. We are able to help a community develop their ideas from the ground up, focusing on the needs and requirements of local residents.  


Read more about our Practical Help or Information and Advice service.