Care Network Cambridgeshire
Care Network Cambridgeshire

Helping people to stay healthy and independent and to keep in touch with their community


Our Mission

To help older, isolated and vulnerable people in Cambridgeshire to stay independent and keep in touch with friends and their community.


Our Values

  • Inclusive - recognising and valuing individuals and communities
  • Responsive - flexible, practical, local and offering choice
  • Caring - supportive, enabling and respectful
  • Professional - with skills, knowledge and integrity

Our Vision

  • Individuals choose their own independent lifestyles and social activities, and are provided with as much information and support as they need.
  • Individuals’ health and well-being is improved or maintained, hospital stays are minimized and recovery is as fast as possible.
  • Communities involve local people to support each other both individually and through groups and activities.



Initially set up by a local vicar’s wife in response to the lack of support for people after a hospital stay, Care Network Cambridgeshire now has over 300 local volunteers supporting older and vulnerable people in their homes or through community groups.


Our Help at Home service provides support after people are discharged from hospital, or at other difficult times, doing tasks such as collecting prescriptions, monitoring wellbeing and practical jobs. This short-term voluntary support helps people 'back on their feet’ through practical and emotional support, as well as helping to identify further needs that the Community Navigators can take forward.


Community Navigators is a signposting and information service for older people, helping them to access services and local activities that they may find useful or enjoy.  Whatever, the questions, our volunteers are trained, resourced and capable of finding the information people need to access the appropriate services.


Where we find a gap in services, the Community Development team are there to work alongside local people to start initiatives that will plug gaps and meet the needs of local people.


Two thirds of professionals making a referral said that without the Help at Home service their patient would not be able to live independently at home. This support reduces the length of hospital stays and re-admissions, which has been shown to be a disruptive and unsettling experience for an older person whose independence can suffer as a result, and saves the NHS funds.


We are registered with the Charities Commission, governed by a Board of Trustees, and funded by public and private donations. Our Care Network Friends group also raises money for some of our activities. If you would like to support us please get in touch.


We are proud to announce Care Network Cambridgeshire as the Winner of the Staff Excellence Awards 2014


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